Here’s How Social Media Is Ruining Your Life

Social media has become the backbone of society’s reputation management. Managing our online appearance often takes precedence over managing our actual self. Before you send your next tweet or update your Facebook status, keep in mind all of the ways that social media can negatively influence your mental health.


A woman with a confused expression looks at her phone.

A woman with a confused expression looks at her phone. First rule of social media: Never compare yourself to a stranger on Instagram. | Fizkes/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Comparison is the thief of joy, and social media is one of the largest modern-day facilitators. Social Networking Sites give us an intimate look into the highlights of other people’s lives, which then become a reflection of how we judge ourselves. calls this the “compare-and-despair factor.”

While SNS can be an excellent way to reconnect with friends, be cautious of how you judge your online presence in comparison to that of an old colleague or celebrity.

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