Here’s The Best Thing You Can Do for a Loved One With Breast Cancer

Woman holding a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon

Woman holding a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon Here’s the best thing you can do for a loved one with breast cancer. |

Though there are numerous types of cancer, breast cancer has seemingly become the type we abhor the most. It targets and sometimes takes our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and daughters. Sometimes, although relatively rare, it even affects the men in our lives. It’s a scourge — but there has been tremendous progress in treating it over the years.

Still, reports it kills more than 40,000 Americans every year. Other cancers are more deadly, but a lot of attention is focused on eliminating and treating breast cancer specifically.

For those of us who have had a loved one diagnosed with this type of cancer, it can be difficult to deal with. You want to help, but you’re not sure what you can do. Most of us aren’t doctors, after all, and we don’t want to unwittingly become a burden when we truly want to help. Well, there is something you can do that may actually help improve the odds of survival. And it’s about the easiest thing you can imagine: Simply spend time with your loved one.

As innocuous as it may seem, loneliness — particularly among cancer patients — can be deadly. People experiencing the shock of a diagnosis, and the subsequent whirlwind of treatments and doctors appointments can sometimes find themselves getting lost in the fray. Though they may see a lot of people over the course of a week, they can be crushed by loneliness. And it can do a lot more harm than you might anticipate.

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