Honda Performance All-Stars: 14 of Honda’s Hottest Cars

2017 Honda Civic Type R

2017 Honda Civic Type R 2017 Honda Civic Type R | Honda

Honda is synonymous with safe, dependable, economical, fuel-efficient automobiles. For those in the know, this Japanese auto company also has produced plenty of cars that are a riot to drive. From the NSX supercar to the cult-status appeal of the S2000 roadster and Civic Type-R, and even the subtly seductive Accord family sedan, there is no shortage of hot Hondas to choose.

For some, it’s the classic models, such as the sharp-handling CRX and sleek Prelude coupe, that remain the best of the bunch. These two can deceive you into thinking they’re simple economy cars or another mildly sporty coupe. But get either one on a twisty road or racetrack, and you’ll know why the company has such passionate clientele.

Now, we’ve cheated a little bit by adding the NSX and Integra Type R into this list. That’s because both have been commonly branded as Hondas in markets outside the U.S. So for that reason, we opted to add them here — and because they’re simply awesome to drive.

Read on to see the 14 fastest Honda cars.

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