How a Few Too Many Drinks Can Cause a Deadly Increase in Blood Pressure

It has happened to just about all of us. You go meet your friends or colleagues at the bar for a happy hour drink or two. And the next thing you know, you’re on drink four or five and you have a solid buzz. But what you might not know is that, in addition to impairing your motor skills, those extra cocktails are hurting your heart. You also might not know the direct impact those $2 drinks have on your blood pressure.

Here are the deadly effects that “a few too many” can have.

Healthy blood pressure

A doctor checks a patient's blood pressure.

A doctor checks a patient's blood pressure. Frequently hitting the bars? Get your blood pressure regularly checked. | Mind_and_I/iStock/Getty Images Plus

First, it behooves you to understand the bare bones of a healthy blood pressure. Mayo Clinic breaks up blood pressure readings into four categories. As is commonly known, a reading of 120/80 is the target. As those numbers increase, you become more susceptible to hypertension.

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