How Strong Are You? 7 Strength Types That Will Tell You

Ever since our ancestors were still trying to figure out how to make fire, our physical fitness has been crucial to our wellness. Sure, you can look the part — bulging biceps, built calves, six-pack, the works. But even though you look like a fitness god, could you actually use your strength effectively if the situation called for it? Strength is not as simple as muscle tone; there are actually many varieties when it comes to how our bodies use our hard-earned muscles. For some more info on how this breaks down, here are seven types of strength and the role they play in our everyday lives.

1. Agile strength

man picks up a dumbbell from a rack

man picks up a dumbbell from a rack Agile strength will help you perform a range of activities. |

Agile strength is the ability to control and maneuver your strength based on the situation at hand. At the gym, this type of strength isn’t usually emphasized. Most of your muscle-building moves involve a singular back and forth type of motion. But in real life, you may need to use your strength to move in more than just one direction. For example, if you need to pick up your kids or move a piece of furniture around the room, this calls for a more functional and mobile type of strength. By building agile strength, you’ll help reduce the risk of injury and improve the performance for a range of activities in your daily life.

Your move:

In order to build your agile strength, go for free weights. Try this 30-minute dumbbell workout from Men’s Fitness to get moving on your agility abilities.

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