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How to figure out if he’s Endowed without sleeping with him


It’s been brought to my attention that a lot of girls are finding themselves in the dilemma of having sex with a guy, just to figure out if she can deal with his penis long-term. The problem here is, some ladies don’t want to have to give up the Golden Kitty to figure that out; being that men tend to lose respect for women who give it up sooner, and usually picture them as women who give it up to any and everyone.

so I’ve composed a list of several things you can do, as well as signs to clock, in order for you to know if his penis is big with out giving up the glitter

there are so many ways that you can FEEL FOR IT, with out being too obvious. Although sometimes , being obvious isn’t bad.


  1. Get him in some basketball shorts (that’s the easy access piece of clothing for a man) and play a contact sport such as.
  • football
  • wrestling
  • basketball , etc.
  • OR rock climbing, because of the harness 😉
  1. Swimming! Just be really cute and playful and slide your leg, hip, hand, head, elbow, or what ever body part has the most senses right across his Joy-hood from left to right, you can be slick about this or just go for the jugular. either way it’s win win


3. spill something on his pants, then wipe it up, but don’t wipe it up any ole way. Wipe the spill up with an open palm, then squeeze, very slowly, then look up at him and apologize with a huge smile on your face (if its worth smiling for).


Here’s another strategy, Make his Peter pan Stand. Now there are many Different ways to do this , so I’ll just help you out with a few.

  1. play some sexy music, and sit him down for a lap dance. This also works if you’re out at the bar or a party. All you have to do is stand in front of his Junk , and move your Bum in circles, slowly, make sure the junk is moving with you.
  2. While at the eating table, sit directly across from him, slide your shoe off, and surprise him with a little foot hug. It’s important to look him straight in his eyes whilst this foot caress is taking place. This usually works best while at the table with several people, because his reaction options are limited.


  1. Probably one of the easiest, is to make-out with him, pretty intensely until – BOING! then stop and say , “I hope you don’t think we are going to have sex” . Of course , unless you want to.

If you’re not to much into touching, your best bet is to use your eyes. Keep your eyes peeled for bulges in the peniscular region.  You might seem like a pervert if you’re caught, but if your swift on your feet, you can play it off.

  1. if he ever pees around you , O.O eyes open!
  2. if he’s wearing fitted slacks, O.O eyes open!
  3. when he freshly emerges from the swimming pool, O.O eyes open!

Which brings me to my last few points , which can be very beneficial, as well as VERY DECEIVING. Some men talk a good game, but have absolutely NOTHING to show for it, but there are some key words and phrases you can count on that normally mean you’ve got a well endowed fellow. First i’m going to give you a few that can be deceiving and follow it up with the KICKERS.

Deceivers :

  1. Sometimes my Pee John doesn’t fit / I have trouble with intercourse.
  2. Guys always stare while I’m trying to ease myself
  3. “I don’t think you can handle me.”


  1. would you like to see it?
  2. would you like to touch it?
  3. would you like to try and see?


and your answer should always be…. NO! unless of course you want to.


just for laughs – Amara Reyal