How to Master Casual Friday

It’s Friday, and all you want to do on the last day before the weekend is loosen your tie and take a break from your favorite suit. While a change of pace from your strict corporate dress code can sound like a great idea, things can easily go wrong when choosing a dressed-down outfit.

But if you pay attention to what’s appropriate at your workplace, and stay smart about following your usual rules abut dressing well for work, it’s not hard to feel a little more casual on Fridays while still looking sharp. Read on for some easy ways to master casual Friday, all of which enable you to look stylish and professional while still feeling a little more dressed down than usual.

1. Understand the rules

You should still look professional

You should still look professional Even if you can dress casual you should always look professional. |

Casual Friday is all about breaking free of the rules that restrict your awesome personal style the other four days of the workweek, right? Wrong. You’re still at work, your clothes still affect how people perceive you, and chances are pretty good that HR still has some rules on what you are and aren’t allowed to wear in to the office. (Pro tip: Read the employee handbook.) Anytime you’re at the office, you need to be dressed to impress and compete.

So what does that mean in concrete terms? Come into work on Friday dressed in an outfit you’d be comfortable wearing to a meeting with any of your clients or with anyone at your company. Let’s get this out of the way: Shorts, tee shirts, sandals, and any kinds of sports wear are definitely off-limits. In many offices, even a dark pair of jeans is a no-go. So read the handbook and pay attention to what your coworkers are wearing to determine what’s appropriate at your workplace.

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