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How to Modify Your Fitness Regimen as You Age

Bodies feel different as they age. They start hurting in places you never thought was possible, energy depletes quicker, you gain weight easier, and the resilience your body once had, even a few years back, is now a distant memory. Let’s face it, your body can’t even handle alcohol the way it once used to.

Aging is a funny thing, and it sure can’t be reversed. You don’t stay the same forever, which means, as your body ages, your health and fitness must change along with it. Aging doesn’t mean giving up exercise — it just means keeping it relevant to what your body needs.

Although this concept may seem obvious because the notion that your body gets weaker is a no-brainer, there are many that don’t think twice about strategically preparing their current younger self for their future older self. Gaining significant muscle mass now and losing fat may prepare you for the years ahead of losing muscle and gaining fat. (We’re looking at you, 40s and 50s!)

In your 20s

man running

man running Your body can do more adventurous workouts in your 20s. | iStock.com

Your body is highly resilient in your 20s, making this the perfect time for adventurous workouts with your buddies. It’s the time when you can try new classes and run the marathon you’ve always dreamed of. You can go out and have 10 drinks then wake up and box the next morning, kind of. Your 20s are the years you’ll never get back, so take advantage of your young, resilient, and strong body because before you know it, you’ll be yearning for these years back.

“Forming good habits when you’re in your 20s will be easier than if you’re trying to develop them when you’re in your 30s, 40s, or 50s,” says certified personal trainer, John Rowley, to Muscle & Fitness

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