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How To Not Forget People’s Name

The sweetest sound in everybody’s ear is their names. People love to be remembered by their names. All humans are ego driven social beings, it is very disappointing to know that the person you had a conversation with some few days ago doesn’t remember your name. Here is the trick on how to never forget someone name.
Your name is very important to you, but to others, it’s just like any other word that needs to be remembered with a bunch of other words. So do not be surprise that people do not remember it.
If you happen to be standing in front of people time and time again without remembering their names, then this will help you improve your memory tremendously.
Our memory works by association and connotation. To remember a name without one of these is much harder to do. We easily remember things when we attach something to them in our memory. For example you will never forget a name that is the same as your father’s name.


Anytime you get introduced to someone new, have a mental image in your mind that has to do directly with their name. You need to be very specific with it and keep it deep down your consciousness. For example – if you meet “Tim TOM”, picture the warmth in his hag, the color of his flying tie or maybe the funny statement that he made. Make a picture of the circumstance or moment as detailed as you can. That way, your mind can associate the name with something and easily make connection when the need arises for it to remember.
This will also help you to realize how imaginative you are, and the trick would work better. It will be difficult to forget. When you master this technique, you will use it to remember other names as well.