How to overcome your fear of flying ?

Flying is a very great experience, but it scares the hell out of some people to the extent that they avoid airplanes at all cost. I think movies that portray air transport as unsafe means are to blame. What else is there to expect if airplanes are always terrorized and crashing in our favorite movies? Aerophobia (fear of flying) can be quite limiting when it comes to traveling. I mean, how the hell would you travel the world and see all those great places if you can’t fly. Driving would take you a long time not forgetting the fatigue. However, I do believe everything in this world has a solution, so how can you overcome your fear of flying.

Learn more about airplanes. What you should do in your situation is getting more knowledge about airplanes .you would be shocked to know that they might be much safer that cars. Forget gravity and get to know how the plane works, how well they are taken care of by great engineers before they fly.

Learn from a friend. Ask friends or relatives or anyone you trust who have boarded a plane before how it feels like to fly.

Face your fears. Some people are terrified of heights, and that makes them dread flying even more. It’s not such a bad thing to be cautious but facing your fears can be a life changing step. To overcome your fear of heights you can go up to the higher floor of your buildings balcony (a well shielded one) and look down.By doing this, you will learn that people don’t just fall from nowhere. You can also try activities such as zip-lining.

Don’t fly solo. Having company can be very helpful. Get a friend or a relative to travel with you every time you use a plane. Eventually, you will get used to it and see that it’s not such a big deal. You two could talk, laugh, and before you know it, you will have arrived at your destination.

Arrive at the airport early. Every time you have a flight arrive in the airport early, it will help ease your anxiety as you will know what to expect. You will meet many people and even children who aren’t afraid to get on a plane.

Distract yourself. Carry some snacks when you are flying, watch a movie (avoid one that can worsen your situation). Listen to your favorite jams.

Stop thinking of the worst. Chances of a plane crashing or being attacked by terrorists are very minimal. So how unlucky would you be? People use planes every day for transport.

Don’t look through the window. Looking outside the window would be a terrible idea for someone with aerophobia or afraid of heights, trust me its way too far down. As I said earlier look for something to distract yourself.

Fly often. Practice makes perfectly to fly more often and as the time goes your fear will be so gone.

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Written by Jessica Sullivan

Jessica Sullivan hails from Los Angeles I'm a writer, Musician, professional nail artist and have a degree in acting from NYU.

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