How to Plan and Write a Winning Resume

College is over, and it is the time you put the acquired knowledge into practice. How do you make it known to your potential employers that you have what they need? The answer is that you produce a resume. When applying for a job, a resume is your most important tool, let alone your language. According to most employers, a resume is the first thing they will look at before considering any other aspect about potential employees.

The information I will provide here will equip you with the skills you need in planning and writing a winning resume.

Purposes of a Resume

A resume markets you to the employer by demonstrating that you:

  • Are employable
  • Have the required skills and experience
  • Have the required educational level
  • Meet the organization’s job requirements
  • Are professionally recognizable

Key information to include when writing a winning resume:

  1. Contact information

Provide details such as name, phone number and the email address that are functional. The employer uses these to communicate with you.

  1. Introductory statement

Summarize yourself, where you have worked, what and where you studied, and why you think the job is right for you. It should be in the first person and at least six lines long.

  1. List of main skills

Provide a list of all the skills that you possess and those that relate to the position that you are applying. Provide both skills and strengths

  1. List of technical abilities

writingProvide a list of all the software that you are fluent with using. If they relate to the position that you are applying for, these act as added advantages.

  1. Educational achievements

In most cases, only the highest level of education is required here. Include other information and results if requested or if it increases your chances.

  1. Employment experience/ Attachments

If you have any prior job experience, this places you above the applicants that are fresh from college. List everything in details.

  1. Referees

The referees prove that the information you provide is valid. As such, list former employers, former school heads, and if requested, a community leader or any other individuals.

If you adhere to this format of resume writing, you increase your chances of securing your dream job. However, you may provide other information that adds strength to your credibility.

Got additional details on how to plan and write a winning resume? Please share with us.

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