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“Anti-Rape” panties; believe it or not, is real and is for sale. OMG!

We’re not sure what is authentic and genuine about this bizarre product, but the truth is that the “Headmuns Security Pants” is certainly going to attract the attention of many. They are designed to protect ladies against sexual assaults and rape.
These “anti-rape” panties are essentially underwear panties that come integrated with prosthetic male genitals, which protrudes from between the legs of women who wear it. The expectation is that with the use of these, potential rapists are deceived into thinking that the victim is a man or transgender, reducing their inclination and motivation for the assault.

It is very questionable about the validity of the product itself, and the fact that someone was motivated to create such a thing is quite disturbing.

Watch the video below. Despite how terrible it is the subject, the video is pretty hilarious.