How to Tell If You’re Buying Contaminated Supplements

As if eating clean and healthy wasn’t difficult enough, the revelation that many supplements on store shelves across the country are fake, counterfeit, or contaminated has made it that much harder. If you haven’t heard, investigations into the supplements being sold at a number of retailers — including large, national chains like Walmart, Walgreens, and even GNC — are not what the labels claim they are.

They’re fakes. Phonies.

Composition with dietary supplements capsules

Composition with dietary supplements capsules What you see is not what you get. |

In fact, some of the supplements were found to not contain a single herb of what they claimed. Consumers have been defrauded, and there was some big backlash that led to many changes for retailers. But the main problem is that the supplement market is unregulated — and the lure of the $5 billion market is luring companies and people who are willing to pass off fakes in order to rake in the cash.

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