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I Can’t Believe I Forgot Why Everybody Hates Walmart

It’s odd that a retail store is so divisive. Walmart — the king of big box stores — can be found in just about every community across the country. But despite how ubiquitous it is in the United States, Walmart somehow manages to be a divergent brand that people seem to either love or hate. And that’s grown to be something of a cultural phenomenon, in many ways, as well.

Personally, I’ve grown impartial to Walmart. I don’t shop there, mostly because it’s far away from where I live. But I also know there are some pretty rotten business practices the company utilizes. On top of that, I remember when I used to frequent the store in years past, eventually getting fed up with it. But it was hard to remember why, exactly, I had become so turned off to the brand.

So I decided to make a visit to a nearby store. And I was reminded as to why I hadn’t gone in so long.  I’ll detail my most recent visit to a Walmart store in Bellevue, Washington. Then, we’ll discuss the more philosophical problems many people have with the company.

As for my visit, it started off mostly as expected. A glance at the image below pretty much says it all.

Arrival: The Walmart parking lot

A motorized cart in a Walmart parking spot

A motorized cart in a Walmart parking spot A motorized cart sits in a Walmart parking spot — something that doesn’t inspire confidence upon arrival. | Sam Becker/The Cheat Sheet

As soon as I pulled up and thought I had found a parking spot, I was met with a discarded scooter taking up space. This wasn’t isolated. There were probably half a dozen parking spots that contained nothing but shopping carts. Evidently, pushing them to the corral was too much of a hassle. Not only that, but there were several unattended children using the corral as a jungle gym.

But the trip was bound to get more interesting.

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