I Finally Tried Costco and Discovered Why Everybody Loves Shopping There

It finally happened. The beloved Costco moved into our community. I’ve heard about great deals to be had at Costco and how well it treats its employees, but I’ve never lived close enough to actually buy a Costco membership. In fact, I’ve never even been inside of one until now. Here’s how my family’s first shopping experience went at America’s favorite wholesale club.

First impression

Costco storefront with a pickup truck parked

Costco storefront with a pickup truck parked Nothing says America like bulk shopping and pickup trucks. | The Cheat Sheet

People aren’t kidding when they say everything is bigger at Costco. The parking lot easily had over 100 cars, but because of its sheer size it felt relatively empty. There was another structure on the far side of the lot that resembled a gas station, but I couldn’t really confirm due to the lack of binoculars or 20/20 vision.

We made our way to the front door through the sea of pickup trucks and SUVs. After all, it takes a big vehicle to haul around enough toilet paper for a doomsday bunker. Before we entered the building, we couldn’t help but notice sign-up tables for Costco’s Anywhere Visa Card. We have plenty of credit cards already, so we continued to make our way to the left, toward the membership desk. The anticipation kept building.

Next: I officially join 88 million other shoppers.

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