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Illegal Vehicles Banned in America

American car consumers can’t have it all, but they can come close. There are nearly 300 nameplates on sales when they go shopping for a new vehicle. If that selection doesn’t cut it, many foreign models are available for import if you’re willing to pony up for shipping costs.

For those who still can’t find that dream car, there is the potential to get special permission for a vehicle to enter the country “for show or display.” Owners can only drive these cars a few thousand miles a year, but that’s more than enough for a one-of-a-kind exotic.

Then there are vehicles banned in America under any and all circumstances. Whether considered too dangerous for even a little driving on U.S. roads or otherwise toxic on Route 66, American enthusiasts must love them from afar. Here are 30 illegal cars you can’t bring into the country.

1. 2003 TVR Tuscan

TVR Tuscan that appeared in "Swordfish"

TVR Tuscan that appeared in "Swordfish" A British-built TVR, featured in the movie, is on static display at the world premiere of Swordfish | Chris Weeks/Getty Images

TVR cars produced between 1996 and 2006 are banned in America, and the 2003 Tuscan featured in the John Travolta film Swordfish is among them. Known for their extraordinary acceleration and lack of airbags or antilock brakes, it would take some doing to make a Tuscan street-legal in America.

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