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Important Money Goals You Should Reach in Your 30s

Reaching age 30 is a big milestone. You’re likely established in your career, you’ve reached your educational goals, and you’re (hopefully) pretty stable. One area that should also be relatively stable by this time is your personal finances. Here are some areas of your financial life that should be in order by the time you reach your 30s.

1. Invest for retirement

Retirement savings plan

Retirement savings plan You should have a savings plan. | Thinkstock

One important financial goal you should focus on as early as possible is setting aside money for your retirement nest egg. Although it’s best to start saving as soon as you’re able (preferably in your 20s when you start your first job with benefits), if you reach this goal by 30 you’ll still have enough time to accumulate a decent nest egg.

You’ll have to save more than if you began 10 years earlier, but all is not lost. Don’t wait until your 40s to set up a retirement account, reasoning that you can’t afford to save. You can’t afford not to save for your golden years. And if your employer offers a retirement match, take advantage of it.

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