Ingredients Ina Garten Refuses to Buy (and Others She Always Has in Her Kitchen)

We all love looking to our favorite celebrity chefs and Food Network stars for some inspiration in the kitchen. One perennial favorite is Ina Garten, also known as the Barefoot Contessa. Garten shares lots of delicious recipes fans can make at home.

However, you might have noticed she’s pretty particular about the ingredients she uses. You could even say that she’s a snob about ingredients. (Let’s just say she doesn’t always mean it when she utters that famous catchphrase, “Store-bought is fine.”)

Below, check out the ingredients Garten thinks you should always prepare at home, instead of buying ready to go from the store. Also, discover the staples she thinks you should always have in your pantry.

1. She always has lemons, limes, and oranges

Ina Garten serves a meal outdoors

Ina Garten serves a meal outdoors Ina Garten always keeps lemons and other fruits on hand. |

Bon Appétit learned one thing Garten always has in her kitchen (and on her grocery list) is an assortment of lemons and other citrus fruits. She uses the lemons and limes, in particular, to make whiskey sours. (She never uses sour mix but specifies that she likes to mix up the cocktail with Knob Creek bourbon.)

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