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Intense Skin Treatments to Try If You Have a Few Days Off

No matter what your specific skin care concerns or your product preferences, it’s a great idea to use potent ingredients regularly. That may mean using them every morning or every night. Or, maybe once or twice a week. Regardless, using well-formulated products is a key part of effectively addressing the dryness, acne, pigmentation, or texture issues you’re trying to eradicate. After all, one of the most persistent skin care myths is products that don’t give you fast results aren’t right for your skin.

Most of the well-formulated products we use regularly won’t have an immediate effect (positive or negative). A chemical exfoliant, for instance, may sting slightly when you apply it at night. But with the right moisturizer, your face will be back to normal by the morning. But you may want to consider occasionally trying out a more intense skin treatment. These intense beauty treatments can give you dramatic results in the long run. Still, you’ll probably need to cope with some redness, flakiness, or other side effects that are better dealt with at home than covered up with makeup.

Read on to check out a few of our favorites, and to begin plotting your beauty agenda for your next long weekend.

1. Chemical peels

Alternative practitioner performing a chemical face peel

Alternative practitioner performing a chemical face peel A chemical peel can leave behind some nasty after affects. | iStock.com/Horsche

Chemical peels are an incredibly effective way to treat a variety of skin care concerns. (Fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, clogged pores, texture issues, and excessive oil production are just a few.) There are almost as many different formulations of chemical peels as there are estheticians and dermatologists offering them. The kind of light peels you’re probably considering contain alpha hydroxy acids (glycolic acid or lactic acid) or beta hydroxy acid (salicylic acid).

You may be able to have one of these peels done in an afternoon and see no adverse side effects by the morning, but it’s a great idea to give yourself more time to deal with any redness or flaking. And if you’re talking to your dermatologist about medium or deep peels, which contain TCA or phenol, you’ve probably been warned that those require some serious downtime. 

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