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Inventive Eggs Benedict Recipes for an Awesome Brunch

If there’s one thing worth waking up for on Sunday morning, it’s brunch. It’s definitely fun to go out, but you usually have to wait forever to snag a table, since a lot of restaurants don’t take reservations for this lazy meal. On top of that, most places rely on the same menus without much variation. Waffles are good, and corned beef hash is pretty solid, but they’re both kind of a yawn. We’re big eggs Benedict fans, but this tired dish is in serious need of a makeover.

Why not take that delicious but boring Benedict and turn up the volume? We’ve searched some of our favorite blogs to find the most creative egg-topped concoctions out there. We’ve got something for hollandaise fanatics, a dairy-free version for avocado fiends, and even a hearty barbecue version. No matter your mood, these new takes on eggs Benedict will definitely wake up your taste buds.

1. Potato Latkes Eggs Benedict

potato latkes

potato latkes Potato latkes | iStock.com

For a totally new take on this weekend treat, try swapping out the standard English muffin with a golden, toasty latke instead. Like the mash-up of eggs Benedict and hash browns, it’s a wonder no one thought of this before. The crispy potato pancakes stand up well to luscious lox and molten yolks. A crown of classic hollandaise adds the perfect amount of tang and richness.

Amy Kritzer credits Hanukkah as her inspiration for this delicious recipe. Instead of the traditional method of whisking the sauce by hand, Kritzer streamlines the process. “Now let’s make hollandaise — it’s easy in a blender,” she says. “Start by pulsing 1 egg yolk, lemon juice and a pinch of cayenne. Then drizzle in hot butter while blending until the sauce is formed.” Simple and simply delicious.

Visit What Jew Wanna Eat for this recipe.

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