Iron Fist: 10 Ways Marvel Could Fix the Character

From the outset, Marvel’s Daredevil established Netflix as the perfect home for darker, more violent stories set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans rejoiced that The Man Without Fear was finally done right after the disappointing 2003 film starring Ben Affleck. The promise that this specific subset of the MCU had exhibited, was subsequently paid off in Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, which established their titular heroes as complex figures that audiences could root for. And then came Iron Fist.

After three home runs in a row, some fans assumed that the fourth and final member of the upcoming The Defenders miniseries was sure to deliver the same nuanced storytelling and high-octane thrills. Yet, reaction to the show has been more than a little mixed, with the general consensus labelling the series the weakest of the bunch to date.

Even so, star Finn Jones is set to return as Danny Rand in The Defenders and (presumably) beyond. Here are a few ways in which Marvel could set the character right going forward.

1. Give him some solid fight choreography

A silhouetted battle scene with two figures in a sword fight in Iron Fist

A silhouetted battle scene with two figures in a sword fight in Iron Fist A still from Iron Fist | Netflix

Danny Rand is supposed to be the world’s greatest martial artist, whose duty it is to destroy The Hand. Yet, the action scenes in Iron Fist pale in comparison to much of Marvel’s Netflix run so far. Most notably, Daredevil — whose series is closest to the narrative threads of Iron Fist — amazed viewers with cinematic-level fight scenes that show off the intricate stunt work and an attention to detail rarely given to TV series.

Meanwhile, Iron Fist offered choppy, subpar fight choreography almost across the board. That needs to change.

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