Iron Rich Foods You Should be Eating

Consuming food is not a practice that we do because we are hungry and eating iron rich foods is not an option either. Scientifically, when we eat food, it is more of “fuelling our bodies” just like gas engines. The difference emerges in that our bodies require different fuels to execute particular functions. Therefore, while preparing food, it is important to consider the types of fuels, otherwise known as nutrients, in every meal. In short, balance the nutrient needs across different meals every day.

One critical nutrient is iron. Iron comes from food: both plants and flesh. The deficiency of iron leads to health disorders such as a weakened immune system and anemia. Men require at least 8 milligrams of iron daily. Women aged 19 to 50 years need 18 milligrams daily and when pregnant, 27 milligrams. As such, consuming the right amount of Iron is necessary.

Heme iron comes from animal products while non-heme iron is derived from plants. Therefore, understanding the types of food that contain the mineral is an effective way of living healthy. After all, we are what we eat. Below is a list of the foods to include in daily diets as sufficient sources of iron.

  • Liver

Beef liver is one of the leading iron rich foods around with each slice estimated to contain at least 5 milligrams of the mineral. Eggs are an alternative.

  • Oysters

A single oyster contains 5 milligrams of the mineral. Squid, clams, and mussels are alternatives and come with added vitamin B12 and zinc.

  • Chickpeas

A cup of this legume provides the body with 5 milligrams of iron.

  • Soy Beans

A cup of these contains 8 milligrams of iron. Other minerals such as and copper and manganese are also present.

  • Pumpkin Seeds

A cup of pumpkin seed kernels contains at least 10 milligrams of iron. The whole seed in a quantity of one cup contains 3 milligrams.pumpkin seeds

  • Fortified Cereal

Eating fortified cereal for breakfast welcomes a great day and also provides the required daily amount of Iron in the body. On average, a bowl contains 10 milligrams of the mineral.

Other iron rich foods include spinach, lentils, most types of beans and sesame seeds.

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