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Is Beachbody a Scam? Secrets You Should Know Before You Commit

You’ve seen it all over Facebook and Instagram — your friends who were once known for their ability to shotgun beers and down a pizza in one sitting are now fitness gurus. How did they get their washboard abs and buff arms, you ask? There’s a good chance they joined Beachbody, a fitness and nutrition program that includes home workouts, “Shakeology” protein drinks, and motivation from coaches. In fact, some of your newly fit friends might have signed up to be coaches themselves, where they can praise the good of the program and make a profit while doing it.

So, is joining your Beachbody-loving friends on a quest for better health worth it? Here are the facts you need to consider before you dive into the program.

1. Your friends have a money incentive

Trainer Tony Horton at a Beachbody event

Trainer Tony Horton at a Beachbody event Beachbody trainer Tony Horton is out to get you ripped. | Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

Have you noticed your Beachbody friends are posting more on Facebook now than ever before? This isn’t just because they’re proud of their progress — as a coach, they’re basically the owner of their own small business. If they can sell you the same products they used through Beachbody to get fit, they make commission. And if they can build their own “team” of coaches, they make even more. Some people even make a living doing this.

We will say this — those who participate in Beachbody generally do it because they love it. But getting a healthy paycheck from all their advertising is also a perk we’re sure they enjoy.

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