Is college education nothing but a bluff ?

In high school we were told to study hard so we could get good grades and be enrolled to a good college, and of course we believed it since we lived in a world where people were judged by their grades and level of education. Someone with a university degree was treated like some hero while high school graduate were nothing but failures who didn’t know what they wanted from life. The fact is, college education is not for everyone it doesn’t make you a better being; you don’t deserve a better treatment. People who think the opposite would argue that a degree translate to better earnings which is true to some extent but I am a bit skeptical considering the rate of unemployment. Ifit would take a miracle for you to get a college education maybe because algebra sounds like rocket science or you don’t have the money, relax. Let me tell you why you shouldn’t drown yourself in self-pity.

Do you even know how it feels to be 21 now? Of course you don’t. Nobody has a guarantee that you all get a job leave alone well-paying job after college. That’s how bad it is. Most graduates stay more than two years without a job after dedicating four years of their life to school. Some of them get miserable because they never equipped themselves with other survival skills. On the other hand, their friends who only have high school education are doing much better. They have started their own businesses or have concentrated on their talents. There are people who have never seen the gate to a college but are very successful in life

People who preach how importance a college education is always leave out the nitty-gritty. It’s a crisis. For instance, in the USA statistics show the student loan debt has accumulated to $1.3 trillion spread over 44 billion students, so you can do the the math. These students are being loaded up with crazy amounts of debt that is entirely out of proportion with the earnings they will get from their degrees. A Pretty risky investment. Is College is not really worth the debt?

Higher education does not define who you are or who you will become. Take Barbara lynch as an example, she dropped out of high school. She is now a chef and owner of high end restaurants, worth over $10 million. She was the second woman to be awarded the James beardfoundation award for outstanding restaurateur back in 2014. Gorge Eastman Kodak founder also dropped out of college and he is among the millionaires of the world.

Did Christina Aguerilla go to college? She did not even finish college. That did not deter her from being one of the top songwriters and an incredible singer; years later, she is both famous and rich. The bottom line is, nobody should feel compelled to go to college if they don’t want to. Society will always have its own standards and you should have yours. Whether you have entrepreneurial mind, or have a talent you want to nature, go for it. College is not good for everyone.

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