Is it Lust, or Love?

Ever got caught up between love and lust? Well, if you have, then you are not to blame and if you haven’t, hold up, your time is coming. There is a thin line between love and lust and many times; people confuse lust for love. It is rare for one to think it was lust when it was love. However, it is common for lust to be taken for love. Here’s what you need to know about these two phenomena. Love is intense. The feeling of affection towards the other person is established through an emotional attachment that develops over time. Lust, on the other hand, kicks off into a strong desire to get physical with the other person. Normally, physical attraction is the basis. However, in some situations, this attraction can develop into love with time. This only happens when you get to see both the good and the flip side of the person.

Lust can be argued as the initial stages of falling in love. It is desire driven, and normally, sexual hormones play a big role in it. Psychiatrists and other professionals have identified signs which act as stages that come with lust. First, is that you are only attracted to the physical appearance of the other person. Second, there is a strong sexual desire without intense emotional conversations.

That is to say, your only engagements are egged on sex, and you may not be friends in any way. The third is the intense attraction that will keep you thinking about the other person from the time you are out of bed to the time you go back, and even in your sleep.

It is what is commonly known as infatuation. The fourth sign which eventually determines the direction of your desires is deep love and attachment. This happens when you have for a long time thought of the person, looked at him or her from both sides and accepted them for who they are. In many cases, lust usually stops at the third stage and leaves you either regretting or celebrating depending on your prior decisions.

Love, on the other hand, is not only emotional attachment but the existence of craving. There are intense emotions and feelings towards the other person that goes beyond sexual attraction. In love, you are possessive; it’s only him or her, and nobody else. Love comes with deep engagement with the other person either in conversations that you don’t even realize how time moves. You get motivated, and you want to listen to the feelings of the other person without making yours a priority. You never stop thinking about the other person and what he or she things. You try to meet them at their point of needs without giving yourself any pressure.

The best thing to do to separate the two is to have a thorough self-discovery journey with lust. This way, you can only stop it or be patient until the point where love comes in. However, be warned, sometimes things do not usually work out with lust if rushed. Take it slow and let things unfold naturally. When wrapped with virtues of love; passion, romance and understanding, everything will fall into place. Hold on.


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