Is there a Right Age to Date?

Is there a right age to date really? Immediately after adolescence, it is common for teenagers to develop feelings for members of the opposite sex. The attraction is twofold: for sexual or relationship desires. At adolescence, this matter is understandable because the phase comes with confusion. However, the case is different when persons aged above twenty begin to question whether they should or should not date.

So, the question goes, is there a right age to date?

  • Changed Times

Today, unlike ancient times, people begin dating too early. Children in elementary and high school levels understand things that their parents never did in their times. As such, as long as one understands what they are doing, age is just but a number.

  • Purpose

Young people are confused about the purpose of dating today. Some will date for gains such as show off or money. Others are lonely while others feel they need companions. Therefore, if you feel the urge is purely for companionship and not one-sided gains, go ahead and date.

  • Stability

Dating opens channels for deeper relationships with your partner. Deep relationships drag responsibilities behind them. Therefore, it is important that when you are psychologically and financially able, try dating then. The right age to date is not as important as having the required resources.

  • Social Settings

If you are in Africa, some communities allow girls as 12 years to get married. Many Christian denominations feel that dating is only for adults that are ready to get married. In the West, it is up to the parents or child to decide when to start dating. Therefore, to minimize social friction, try and adhere to what your social circle dictates.

  • Independence

A common mistake that youngsters commit is going into dating just because their friends are doing it, or because they feel it is “the right age to date.” If you find yourself following this, realize that you risk ending up with several problems. For instance, you might rush into dating and end up with the wrong person. Second, you might start dating for the wrong reasons. Third, you might be going against your will and end up stressed. As such, personal evaluation is

As always, the comment section is meant for you to chip in an opinion or two. Do you think there is a right age to date?

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