It is Never Too Late to Add a new Skill! Learn How to Swim as an Adult

Are you already 18 yet swimming still scares you out of your skin? Again, do you wish that you could learn how to swim? A “yes” answer is likely to come from over 37 percent of the adults in the United States. According to the CDC, 37 percent of adults in the United States cannot swim from one end of a pool to the other. This means that 70 percent of the daily ten deaths caused by drowning in the U.S. affect persons over 18 years. There is hope if you fall in this category because, yes, adults can learn how to swim.

You are likely to be unable to swim if the culture you originate from does not perceive of swimming as a favorite activity. Also, you may come from an area where swimming facilities or regions are rare. Over anxious parents also cultivate fear in their children. However, despite the causal factor, you can still learn how to swim in a few weeks. The only difference is that might take longer to learn the art. This is because more techniques are used to train adults than children.

Popular swim clinics in the U.S. acknowledge that you may find learning to swim as an adult quite embarrassing. As such, they provide private specialized training schemes for individuals. They report that after the introduction of the schemes, the number of adults enrolling in swimming lessons increases by 25 percent every year.

Types of training to help you learn how to swim

  1. First, you are taught to overcome the fear of water. This is done by walking, sitting, running or being held underwater for some time. This is the essential and crucial
  2. Second, you learn how to float on water while being supported by the trainer or by holding onto the rails on the sides of the pool.
  3. Third, you are taught to kick correctly while being supported. After kicking, you learn how to position or use the hands to keep your balance and move.
  4. Finally, minimal support is provided while you apply all of the above steps.

Once the above process is complete, you only have the basic swimming skills. The skills are, however, very important because you can float and swim on your own. In short, you have learned how to swim. That cuts you out of the 70 percent that are likely to drown daily!

Got extra tips or helpful additions to help save more lives? Please share them in the comments section below!

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