I started yoga way back in 1999, and since then, I have been using the exact same yoga mat: the Manduka Black Mat Pro. I think I paid $80 for it at the time, although now it costs $120. Either way, I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth using it for the past 20 years, and it looks as perfect as the day I got it.

I love it because it’s thick, durable, and dense enough to offer cushion for my bones in any pose. I also love that it’s super tacky, so when I’m in Down Dog, I don’t slip. That is, until halfway through a supersweaty hot yoga class. That’s when my mat becomes dangerously slippery – I once dropped into a full split without meaning to because I had forgotten my yoga towel that day.

Manduka now makes a new mat specifically for your sweaty practice – the Manduka GRP Yoga Mat ($98). I’ve tried dozens of yoga mats, so I wasn’t expecting this one to be that amazing, but after just one class, I was shocked at how awesome it was – I instantly became a convert!

I adore my Black Mat Pro, but having to use a yoga towel over it can be annoying because it bunches up and doesn’t offer the grip I love from my mat before I get sweaty. But this GRP Yoga Mat, which is made from sustainably-harvested natural tree rubber, got even more grippy the sweatier I got. In a 98-degree room with drips coming off my nose, my palms were so sweaty and they still didn’t budge. I didn’t have the annoyance of having to stop my practice to lay out a towel, and it still offered the thickness and denseness I love from my Black Mat Pro.

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The one tiny issue is that the surface is super smooth and slippery when your hands and feet are dry. But that was quickly remedied by dribbling a few drops from my bottle at the top and bottom of my mat to wet it a little. Boom: instant traction.

If you love hot yoga classes, or you tend to sweat and slip a lot, you must get this mat. It’ll change your practice forever – I know it’s changed mine. I teach hot yoga classes, and this is now the one mat I’ll recommend to my students.