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Japan: A “Coffee” to lose your virginity!

If there is an economic crisis in Japan, then it must be a virginity crisis. Apparently there are too many virgins in their thirties in Japan. This has raise some concerns – today, been a virgin for marriage is no as valued as ever. To address this scourge of virginity, the Japanese have invented a miraculous solution: a coffee that lets women lose their virginity. Prostitution? Maybe NOT! A great service to the nation.

They call it the “thirties virginity complex”! Thanks to Masato for this phenomenon; the only worker at “Lost Virgin Cafe” who has decided to do the job. The waiting list of appointments extends 3 to 4 months.

Clients must pay the equivalent of 82 dollars, for hotel expenses. The act itself is free! Masato must be a great philanthropist! .. lol

There are, however, several conditions to be eligible for the loss of their hymen! To use the services of Masa, it must be healthy. Candidates with too poor hygiene or excessive body odor are denied! Masato says he has saved more than 200 women of purity! He offers services 100% guaranteed painless! He speaks of it as a real working professional!

He is such a superhero. He calls himself besides the master blank! There are no pictures of him, but would be in his thirties, hair between short and semi-long. He could not really understand his body odor and 14% fat!

More Orgasm for the ladies! OMG