Julianne Hough Eats This Breakfast Every Day to Stay Fit

A lot of stars go a little crazy with dieting before their wedding, adopting completely different eating plans and sometimes cutting out entire food groups. But not Julianne Hough. The Dancing With the Stars alum took a refreshingly practical approach to pre-wedding nutrition by sticking to her regular eating habits. “I don’t want to look different than what I look like normally,” she told People magazine.

Still, the star is clearly doing something right because she has one of the most enviable physiques in Hollywood. How does she do it? While staying active is obviously a key component, we have a sneaking suspicion her go-to breakfast plays a big part in looking and feeling great as well.

The breakfast

So what is this magical morning meal? According to an interview with Elle, Hough opts for steamed eggs with avocado and tomato just about every morning. She’s so fond of her breakfast, she even did a cooking demo of her method with Rachael Ray.

Apart from sounding delicious, this breakfast seems really well-balanced. Frankly, it’s probably even more nutritious than it seems at first glance. So, let’s dive a little deeper.

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