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Kate Middleton: Maternity Leave shortened for the Duchess of Cambridge

No rest for the royal family! Kate Middleton has given birth a month ago and she is already planning to get back to work: according to OK Magazine, she could end her maternity leave from the month of June – under the leadership of Elizabeth II.

She was initially enjoying a long maternity leave – at least as long after the birth of Prince George, when she left the public stage for eight weeks. But Kate Middleton should reappear much faster than expected ahead of the British; according to OK Magazine, the Duchess of Cambridge should not cut his royal duties in June.

“Queen Elizabeth II think a month of rest is more than enough for Kate”, a source told the magazine. The mother of Princess Charlotte should participate very quickly to an official appointment, his comeback will coincide with the anniversary of Elizabeth II. A day of national celebration that will take place barely six weeks after childbirth of the Duchess of Cambridge.

June 13 will be held, like every year, a grand parade celebrating the Queen of England – although she was actually a born April 21, Elizabeth II has indeed become used to celebrate the passage of time in every second Saturday of June. She was, in 2015, 89 years.

Our source, OK Magazine does not specify, however, if the parade will take place with or without Princess Charlotte – which could take the opportunity to inaugurate its high-end stroll. His big brother George, is now two years old, will likely have to stroll.