Kick Your Sugar Habit: 5 Ways to Stop Drinking So Much Soda

Let’s face it: soda tastes good. However, it’s not the healthiest beverage out there. If you’ve been having difficulty cutting back on the sweet stuff, there are plenty of others who are struggling right along with you. In fact, a recent Reebok survey found some people would even choose soda over a body part if they were forced to decide.

If you choose to move forward by giving up (or at least cutting back) on your soda habit, you’ll be doing yourself a big favor. A study conducted by Tufts University found that sugary beverages have been a contributing factor in roughly 184,000 deaths globally each year. Beverages with added sugar are also a major cause of weight gain. It’s not surprising when you consider sugary drinks can easily add hundreds of calories to your daily caloric intake.

Are you ready to take a step toward better health? Here are five ways to stop drinking so much soda.

1. Don’t quit cold turkey

nervous stressed young woman

nervous stressed young woman Quitting something cold turkey is not a good idea. |

Are you planning to remove soda from your diet completely? While you’re probably anxious to kick your soda habit, quitting suddenly might feel like torture. Instead of going cold turkey, gradually wean yourself off your drink of choice. For example, if you usually drink three cups of soda per day, try just drinking two cups a day. Try consuming one fewer cup each week, and instead replace it with water.

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