Ladies, Did you Know Walking in Heels Could Affect your Health?

The human foot supports the body by distributing the weight in the heel, ball, and toes when standing, walking or running. Wearing and walking in heels changes all of these. According to podiatrist Matt Dilnot, a lady walking in heels exerts a force of almost 2 tons on the heel and ball of the foot with each step. Again, it subjects the knee to 23 percent more compression force. The result of this is podiatrists having to deal with increasing cases of women with clawed toes, bunions on feet, sore feet, and posture-related body disorders.

6 centimeters

Any heel that stands 6 centimeters or higher can cause problems to the feet and body posture. The rule in this revelation is that the higher the heel, the more the damage. The damage increases even more if the heel is thin. Balancing the heel is a problem and will affect the toes, leg muscles and the pelvic area.

“My feet are killing me!”

Surprisingly enough, ladies will buy the highest heel at the boutique and on Monday morning, this phrase will rent the air at least ten times. Extremely high heels place the rest of the foot at a ninety-degree elevation to the ball of the foot. That is straining and will cause pain.

Effects of Walking in Heels

  • Corns may develop on the ball of the foot because most of the body weight is exerted
  • Capsulitis, that is, inflaming pain at the joint of the toes and the foot, is a common occurrence with wearing heels.Blistered feet
  • Bending the foot at an acute angle relaxes the foot tendon all day. When the shoe is taken off, the tendon stretches suddenly and may result in a painful condition called Achilles tendinitis.
  • Corticosteroid shots can become the order of the day once painful conditions start haunting the foot. Advanced problems may lead to restriction from wearing heeled shoes permanently.
  • Walking in heels may result in deformation of the foot. If the heels are frequently worn, the foot tends to adjust to the heel position, leading to problems in walking.
  • Finally, fracturing and cracking of bones in the foot is common in women who wear heels. This may happen gradually or in the event of small missteps. Normally, missing a step should not be too big a problem. However, the elevation and height created by the foot makes falling and fracturing quite easy.

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