Lady’s Smackdown In Russian Restaurant goes bad for ass-grabbing customer

One lady is down with destroying the patriarchy that is taught men that they can do whatever they please with a lady’s body–and she’s our new legend.

Some place in Russia and got on feature, a server conveys the bill to two benefactors. The man she’s cooperating with was daring enough to attempt slipping some cash into her bra, and she ever so benevolent pushes him off.

At the point when that is insufficient to ward him off, he gets up and grabs her butt and you know what that gets him? Not a coupon for 15% off his following visit, however a smackdown to the head with the heap of menus she’s holding.

At that point the fellow gets up once again, strolls up to the lady, and even before he can take a stab at whatever else, she goes for the last blow, the ultimate combat finisher. FINISH HIM!

While brutality shouldn’t essentially be overlooked, neither ought to the savagery that ladies have confronted following the start of society that makes deadheads like this butt-grabbing imbecile.

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Written by Jessica Sullivan

Jessica Sullivan hails from Los Angeles I'm a writer, Musician, professional nail artist and have a degree in acting from NYU.

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