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Landing a New Job in Any of These Careers Will Take Forever

Good things come to those who wait. And if a finding a new job is what you’re in the market for, you could be waiting weeks for good news. It takes an average of 24 days to interview for a new job, according to data released by Glassdoor. That’s a long time to be continuously putting your best foot forward in online applications, phone screens, and interview rounds.

But it gets worse. Some industries can take months to fully bring on a new employee. Glassdoor says factors, such as company-specific policies, various skill requirements, and location all affect the length of time you wait in limbo between jobs. In other words, the screening process for valuable candidates becomes more complex as the market shifts away from routine jobs and into those that require more judgement. 

Luckily, there are two sides to every coin. For every job that takes forever to hire even one employee, there’s another that’s speeding up the process. We broke down Glassdoor’s study to bring you the industries that have the longest and shortest interview processes. Up first are the ones that take the longest.

8. Farming and agriculture

farmers market

farmers market Agriculture jobs now require people skilled in technology. | iStock.com/kasto80

  • Average length of interview process: 24.9 days
  • Sample careers: Ranch managers, nursery managers, conservation workers

One might assume landing a job in farming and agriculture would be a quick process. But the knowledge it takes to succeed in the industry involves a lot more than just cows and hay. Melissa Harper, vice president of global talent acquisition at Monsanto, tells CNBC, “Agriculture is going through a transformation itself into more of that digital space. Many of the roles that we need — and those in ag need — didn’t exist just five years ago.” Companies are looking for highly skilled candidates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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