Lies You’ve Been Told About Appetite-Suppressant Drinks

When your goal is to shovel less food in your mouth, any drink labeled as “appetite suppressant” seems super appealing. From juices to teas, there is a plethora of drinkable products out there that claim to cut your cravings. Heck, doctors have even been known to prescribe appetite killers for short term use to boost weight loss. But not all appetite suppressants are created equal. In fact, some drinks meant to control your appetite have side effects that can be deadly.

Wait a minute, you’re probably thinking, how can that appetite-halting tea I like be bad for me? As it turns out, there is a lot we can’t tell about appetite-suppressant drinks from their labels. Yes — even the ones that claim to be “natural.” Here’s what companies don’t want you to know about drinks meant to squash your appetite.

Wait. If they’re so dangerous, why does everyone drink them?

Jennifer Lopez dancing at a concert

Jennifer Lopez dancing at a concert J.Lo is one of the many celebs who have promoted appetite-suppressing products in the past. | Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

Part of the mass appeal of appetite-inhibiting drinks is that many of them come with celebrity endorsements. (Remember all the celebrities that did ads for Hydroxycut back in the day?) But one thing to keep in mind about these drinks is that many of them don’t have actual research to back their weight-loss claims.

Take Hoodia, for example, which is found in many popular green tea drinks claiming to suppress your food cravings. While we know plenty about green tea, there is limited research to prove that Hoodia is effective at quelling appetite. (Scary, considering Hoodia supposedly rewires your brain so you think you are full. Would you want your brain rewired by a supplement that isn’t backed by science?)

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