As life gets busier, daily tasks seem to be becoming bothersome as they take up much of the little time we have left. Simplicity and efficiency is perhaps today’s most valuable asset. So if you’re looking to make some cuts, shave some time off chores, and simply just make your life simpler – then the following 15 life hacks are for you. They’re so great in fact, we’re sure you’ll remember to use them forever.


1Chill Your Drinks

Throwing a party but all you’ve got is warm beer on hand? Chill out, you can chill your drinks in less than 5 minutes by wrapping a wet paper towel around the bottle and throwing it in the freezer. Oh, don’t actually throw it – you’ll break the bottle.

2 Free Chip Clip

In need of a chip clip and don’t feel like buying one? Not even those dollar store dollar ones? That’s ok you cheapskate – simply break the clips off one of your clothes hangers and use them instead.

3Faster Phone Charge

Need to charge your iPhone in a hurry? Switch to airplane mode. This will prevent your phone from using the battery while it’s charging.

4Quick Clean Your Blender

Find cleaning your blender to be a chore? No problem, just use your blender to clean your blender. Fill it with soap and water, turn it on – and voila! Crystal clean.

5Strong Ice Coffee

Like your ice coffee strong but find it gets watered down by the ice? Well here’s an idea, make a pot of coffee and freeze it in the ice tray, that way the next time you make yourself some ice coffee, you can use coffee cubes instead of water.

6Keep Your Herbs Fresh

Thought freezing your coffee was a neat trick? Then you’ll freak out over this one. Simply pour some olive oil in your ice tray and mix it with your favorite herbs to keep them fresher longer.

7Quick Clean Your Microwave

Microwaves are a pain in the ass to clean. So to make it quick and easy, fill a glass bowl with vinegar and some water, and microwave for about 4 minutes. Once done, the food dirt will simply wipe right off.

8Clear Those Clogs

Is your drain backed up? Forget those expensive drain cleaners. Instead, pour a mixture of vinegar and baking soda down those pipes instead. It’s like the Heimlich maneuver for your sink.

9Chill Your Wine

So you’d rather serve wine than beer for that party, but of course, the wine is warm too. Here’s the cool fix, throw some frozen grapes in their and you’ll instantly chill your wine. The best part, you won’t be watering down your beverage like you would with ice.

10Floss Before The Cake

Want to perfectly slice your cake before serving? Use floss instead of a knife. This also works perfectly for cheese too! Just make sure not to use the mint-flavored floss, of course.

11Think. Don’t Stink

Do you have stinky feet that leave you with even stinkier shoes? That’s ok, just throw some dry tea bags in them to destroy that odor. This trick also works perfectly on your smelly gym gear too.

12Roll To Fit More

Find that you can’t pack everything you want in your suitcase? Stop folding and start rolling your clothes instead. You’ll be amazed at how much space you save.

13Sauce For Bachelors

If you’re a bachelor and make a huge pot of pasta sauce to save money, but find it too much to eat – pour the leftovers into ice cube trays and throw them in the freezer for single serving sizes. Aren’t those ice trays amazing?

14Hassle Free Batter

Love pancakes, but hate making them because of the mess? Then simply fill and old ketchup bottle with pre-made batter and voila! Easy to pour pancakes with no fuss or mess.

15Easy To Peel Eggs

Peeling eggs often difficult but are an unnecessary problem to have. Next time you’re boiling your eggs, mix a teaspoon of baking soda with the water and watch how easy they become to peel.