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‘Star Wars’: Luke Skywalker’s Most Insane Force Powers

With Star Wars: The Last Jedi on the horizon, there have been plenty of rumors about Force powers that Luke Skywalker has developed. With so much mystery surrounding Skywalker after the events of the Battle of Endor, only recently have we gotten some hints about how the galaxy viewed Skywalker. He was a legend to some, a ghost to others, and practically a god.

We put together a list of his best and most notable Force powers. A few are well-known, but others could lead to questions about Luke Skywalker’s intentions in The Last Jedi.

Force repulse

Luke Skywalker stands in front of a gray brick wall.

Luke Skywalker stands in front of a gray brick wall. Luke may have some unique dark abilities. | Lucasfilm

Thanks to footage from Star Wars Battlefront II, we’ve learned about a few darker abilities that Luke developed. One of those was Force repulse, which is described by YouTuber The Stupendous Wave:

In Legends, Force repulse was when one gathered their energies in the Force inward, and then propelled them outward as quickly and violently as possible. The attack was meant to create space, and in some cases thrash subjects about. Those that utilize the ability with the dark side most often incorporated Force lightning and energy-based attacks into their repulse, and their enemies would be torn apart because of it.

This Force ability is canon and leads to more questions about Luke possibly turning to the dark side in The Last Jedi.

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