Like, Totally Scary: The Best 1980s Horror Movies

Ah, the 1980s. They brought us acid wash jeans, New Kids on the Block, and some of the scariest movies ever made. Yes, every decade has its share of awesome horror movies — but between serial killer franchises and standalone thrillers, the ’80s really went out of their way to freak us out. These days, we flock to see super-polished haunted house films like The Conjuring and gritty gore-fests like Saw. But many of our favorite modern horror filmmakers found inspiration from the awesome, terror-inducing movies that came out between 1980 and 1989. And many of these films have more than stood the test of time, remaining true classics in the genre. Here are the ten best horror movies of the 1980s.

10. Child’s Play (1988)



In the realm of iconic horror movie villains, Chucky may not be the absolute scariest. The doll at the center of Child’s Play isn’t always something to laugh at, either — at least not in the franchise’s first installment. Inhabited by the spirit of an evil serial killer, he doesn’t hold back when targeting his victims. The combination of Chucky’s child-like physical qualities and deranged personality create a weird horrific energy that’s never quite been replicated in the horror genre. And his transformation from innocent plaything to murderous predator makes Child’s Play one of the most original and subversive horror movies ever made.

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