Home News Literally Everything at This New Online Grocery Store Costs $3

Literally Everything at This New Online Grocery Store Costs $3

Forget price comparing — what if you could add things to your grocery cart with reckless abandon, confident in the knowledge that everything from toothpaste to brownie mix costs the same exact price? Well, now you can.

This unique online supermarket is looking to make waves in the $675 billion grocery industry. While the shift to online shopping has been significant for almost every other industry, grocery stores so far have failed to capture their target audience in any meaningful way. People just aren’t ready to buy their bananas without touching them first, and some estimates show that only 1-3% of consumers are shopping online for their supermarket needs. Enter Brandless, a virtual grocery store on a mission to get you shopping online.

There’s a new online grocery store in town.

There’s a new player in the grocery store biz. | Brandless

Serial entrepreneur Tina Sharkey launched Brandless with business partner Ido Leffler, thanks in part to $50 million from investors before the website even launched. The duo envisioned a simple, straightforward grocery shopping experience that made it easy to save money and get exactly what you need.