Little pleasures that only mothers know

Little pleasures that only mothers know

Being a mom is certainly not always a cakewalk but these small moments of grace make us feel the happiest of women. Being a mother is not to only manage crises and dry tears. Being a mother is also (and especially)

  • Be able to dress up as a princess without going to a lit
  • Play the game of similarities by finding out if they resemble their father or you
  • Feeling like the finest in the world when you look in awe
  • Hear them say their first words – see them take their first steps
  • Rediscovering fairy tales
  • Step into the shoes of Cristina Cordula when you take him on shopping for clothes
  • The relief when you finally return to work after maternity leave
  • The joy of seeing your kids after a day’s work
  • Having an additional party in addition to Christmas and your birthday. Although …
  • Covered with small words and drawings all the time
  • Always have a supply of sweets and chocolates in your closets
  • Slipping under the covers in full afternoon to nap with them
  • Finish the fries from their children’s menu at the restaurant
  • Tenderize the cashier, the baker, grannies park that never rave about them
  • The surprise trying your shoes or jewelry to try to look like you
  • Finally stop wondering “So when shall I be one?”

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