Look Younger by Saying Goodbye to These Bad Habits

Your habits and lifestyle have a lot of influence over how long you’re going to live. This goes beyond smoking and alcohol, though. Your sleep quality, sex life, and even how often you wash your hands can determine how young — or old — you look from the outside in. Ditch these bad habits to look and feel younger ASAP.

1. You’re wearing too much makeup

Makeup stowed neatly away inside a clutch.

Makeup stowed neatly away inside a clutch. Piling on the makeup can bring out creases and fine lines. | Michelle Patrick PhotographyLLC/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Using makeup to look younger? Just don’t overdo it. The wrong products can suffocate and dry out your skin, especially if you’re painting it on. According to, not washing off your makeup before going to bed is even worse for your skin. Clogged, irritated pores will ruin your complexion, especially if you keep up the habit night after night. Less is more — but that doesn’t mean you can get away with leaving it on while you sleep.

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