Love the Outdoors? These Are the Best Dog Breeds for You

Sit. Eat. Run. Snuggle. Good dog. Though man’s best friend is an irreplaceable fixture in most people’s lives, not every breed is made for the great outdoors. After all, certain dogs are better suited for Louis Vuitton dog carriers than they are for climbing mountains and bagging peaks. But hey, we’re not here to judge, just to shed a little light on those most aligned with your lifestyle. And if you’re the outdoorsy type, you’ll want to read on to figure out which kind of dog breed is best for you.

1. Standard poodle

Brown poodle running with a toy

Brown poodle running with a toy Despite their curls, poodles actually love working up a sweat. |

This might surprise you, seeing as how some folks associate poodles with hair bows and custom dog beds. But the poodle happens to be a very popular dog breed and for good reason. According to PetMD, “Preserving its love for hunting, it is fond of swimming, running, and retrieving.” Unlike some humans who don’t like getting their hair wet, the poodle has no such inclination to shy away from splashing around in the open water.

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