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‘Luke Cage’: MCU Easter Eggs From Netflix’s Superhero Series

In 2016, Marvel officially unveiled their third separate Netflix series with Luke Cage, and reviews were largely positive. The show works on both a topical level and a thematic one, firmly establishing itself within the greater context of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). That context has made for frequent references to the show’s Marvel contemporaries. From nods to the original Luke Cage: Hero For Hire comic book series, to mentions of heroes in other MCU movies and TV shows, it’s a veritable gold mine of Easter eggs. We picked out the best ones over the 13-episode run.

1. Harlem’s “Hero For Hire”

Luke Cage - Hero For Hire comic book

Luke Cage - Hero For Hire comic book Luke Cage: Hero For Hire comic book | Marvel Comics

The original Luke Cage comic series was titled Luke Cage: Hero For Hire, referencing the agency run by Cage and Danny Rand (Iron Fist). The duo were exactly what they sound like: for-hire superheroes, offering their services in exchange for money. In Marvel’s Netflix series, we see the exact opposite. Early episodes show people attempting to pay Luke for saving them, and he continually turns them down, claiming he’s “not for hire,” making for a subtle nod to his comic book counterpart. Whether he’ll flip on that stance and turn Pop’s vacant barbershop into the Hero For Hire agency in a later season remains to be seen.

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