The “Savage Road” story trailer gives the impression that there’s a more profound story behind the majority of the desert-doused street fierceness and inventive executing in the Mad Max feature diversion. Evidently, that story is around a man searching for a car, discovering a car, kissing a woman and afterward pulverizing the majority of the malicious men he can reach on four wheels.

It’s a marginally distinctive account than the one in the current year’s film, Mad Max: Fury Road, and plot isn’t the main way these two items wander apart. “In its interpretation to an open-world feature diversion, Mad Max: Fury Road’s one of a kind appeal’s been exchanged for dullness.” Still, a feature loaded with rampaging, spiky vehicles and savage desert overlords gets our blood pumping assuredly. Watch the story trailer beneath. Frantic Max is expected on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on September 1st, with preorders open at this point.