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Makeup: Are You Wearing the Wrong Makeup for Your Face?

You could be wearing the wrong makeup for your face if one (or more) of the following seven cardinal sins of cosmetics applies to you. Fix it fast with these tips and tricks to ensure you’re ready for your close-up — or your next FaceTime.

1. Your foundation doesn’t match your face

A woman applying makeup

A woman applying makeup Always make sure your foundation matches. | iStock.com

Wearing the wrong shade of foundation is one of the most ubiquitous “oops” moments in makeup, which is to say, it happens to almost everyone at least once. The telltale sign is the line between the face and neck. Or you may notice your face is a bit ghostly, or simply a completely different color from your body, when last night’s photo gets posted to Facebook the next day. That’s an #aboutlastnight we know you don’t want to repeat.

When you’re selecting a foundation shade, it’s important to apply it to the jawline and examine it in natural light. You will also likely need two different foundation shades — one for the fall and winter and one for the summer months when your skin may be darker and more bronzed. Also, blending is your friend as you want zero demarcation between your face, neck, and décolletage. Make sure you extend the product onto your chest area if you’re wearing a low-cut ensemble.

When it comes to foundation, this is one time where you do want to go matchy-matchy all the way.