Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know

Every woman who wears makeup will appreciate any makeup tips that can make them appear gorgeous. Ladies, you already know that makeup has the potential to be your best friend as well as your worst nightmare. It all lies in how well or badly you do it. Celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus are identified with a certain style of makeup. This means that it can also be your form of identity. Lest your makeup turns you into a laughing stock, here are several makeup tips for you. They will ensure you go for the right scent, colors, lipstick, nails, weave and all other aspects that you use to bring out the best in you.

  • If you have ‘stiff’ eyelashes that resist your lash curler, heat the curler before using it. Use a blow-dryer to heat it for about 5 seconds then curl your lashes. The result is amazing lashes that stay put all day.
  • Apply powder on the parts of your face that are shinier than the rest. Once you achieve the desired tone, use very light dusting on the other parts to appear natural and avoid a monkey face!
  • While applying mascara, hold a plastic spoon under or above your lashes to avoid getting it on your skin. Apply the mascara such that the lashes rest on the spoon as you brush outwards. masacara
  • Place eye highlights such that the inner corner, the middle and the eye area under your brow bone get the brightest colors. Start with the light colors then finish up with the darker ones.
  • You can use a toothbrush, preferably a baby’s, in exfoliating your lips rather than use expensive products or means. Apply jelly or balm to the lips first then use a mixture of coconut oil and sugar to scrub your lips.
  • Do you fancy bigger eyes? If yes, you need a white liner pencil. Use the white liner instead of the dark (black) one. This makes your eyes appear no only bigger but brighter as well. This is one of the magical makeup tips I know.
  • To make your eye shadow pop, use a white base before applying your intended tone. Cover your lid with a white liner then apply the desired color. It stands out better.

Makeup tips are inexhaustible in a single post. To ensure that I bring in another interesting article on beauty rather than repeat the same next time, please share with us that perfect tip of yours that works here.

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