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Malia Obama learns to Drive

When you’re the daughter of the President, driving lessons don’t come from your parents. In the case of Malia Obama, Secret Service Agents were the source of her new found driving skills. As a teenager, receiving your license is one of the biggest coming of age events and for this girl, this will definitely mark her continued transformation into adulthood. Reports regarding the vehicle she will receive and how soon she will be on the roads, have yet to be confirmed by President Obama or First Lady Michelle Obama. But from what First Lady Obama did reveal on the Rachel Ray show is that driving gives Malia, “a sense of normalcy.” This is something that every child, teenager or adult needs to feel, whether they are the average American citizen or the daughter of the President. For now, the task of making Malia a better driver will be up to the men who protect the First Family. As we’ve all watched the First Children grow over the years, here’s to Malia Obama entering into adulthood and onto the roads safely.