Getting tapped in the ballsack is one of the minimum charming encounters known to the male race. so we can barely envision taking a projectile to the scrotum. Thankfully, Nutshellz is here to keep your family gems safe from gunfire.

Jeremiah Raber, the president and CEO of Nutshellz himself, strapped on the glass touted as “the world’s most grounded crotch defender”—to demonstrate that his groin had nothing to worry from a lethal shot weapon.

In spite of the fact that the tech exhibits the container’s capacity to keep crotches safe in a shootout, Nutshellz was initially conceptualized as a glass for the ring. Raber got the idea in the wake of watching a UFC match where one of the warriors took two kicks to the fruitbasket.

In particular, Nutshellz “likewise has an extraordinary outline and form that permits it to rest serenely in position.” Because whats the purpose of keeping your testicles in place on the off chance that they’re not sitting pretty?