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Marriage is a natural mistake

It’s natural for people to get married, people are all different, whatever culture or society that they are from. But, marriage is a natural mistake. Being intimate with a lot of people is not a good thing, even if you do it. You can involve yourself in certain activities, but societally these things may be wrong. Every individual knows that stealing is bad, but many individuals still do it, as a result of desire. The only way for marriage to last is if the husband and wife are friends. If your husband is friend, then you won’t want to go anywhere or do anything without them. If you go by yourself and meet people, thats fun, people make life fun. You can’t enjoy everyone. If your husband or wife is your friend, you will be happy. Your job is to make the other person happy and hope that the other person will return the favor. If you get married b/c you want to be happy, you won’t ever be happy. If you aren’t happy with the other person, it won’t keep the bond between you as husband and wife. Once you get married, things don’t go up for the most part, things go down and you have to accept that. In the words of Teni Sow, “God created guys with an option, God created girls with an obligation.” Women came with the tools, the whole package to create life. Its like God realizes that men are not always that capable of being good and caring for children, like a woman can. Its a sacrifice to get married and have kids for a man and a woman. A man has to make the same sacrifice as a woman, but he can always chose to leave. Most women on the other hand, are nurturers who want to keep a unified family. Read more about this here.